Builder Nuggets

Duane and Dave

invite you to learn about the Builder Nuggets Assessment program

Join us on our mission to create some of the most rewarding businesses in the industry.


We’re inviting a select group of builders who are serious about elevating their game to learn about the Builder Nuggets business assessment program. (Click here to set up your free intro consult).

A Builder Nuggets Assessment (BNA) is a collaborative deep dive into how your business is operating today, where you want it to take you, and a plan for how to get there. Our team gets intimate with you (no, not that way) as we take an intense look at 19 different facets of your business. We compile a customized report that evaluates the overall health of your company and makes recommendations that are designed to reduce your risk, increase your value, generate more opportunity, and have you (and your team) focused on what you are good at.


Who do we do these with?

Company leaders who are serious about creating value now. You probably already have a successful business and know that there are things you can do better to set your team up for the long term. Because you are swamped you haven’t been able to commit time to this. We can fast-track this for you.

Legacy builders thinking about retiring. You’re not ready to call it quits quite yet but you find yourself thinking more about what winding down looks like. You’d like to spend some time creating a strong succession plan so that your business can live on with the right team (and you can retain an income stream). You may even want to stay on for a bit as an advisor or an ‘ambassador’ in your legacy business. 

Up and comers. Age isn’t important here. What is important is that you have committed to building something extraordinary and you are willing to invest in yourself and your team to make it happen. You are motivated by the success you’re currently enjoying. Even though you feel like you have a lot of stuff figured out, you are open to investing in tactics and strategies that will further amplify your team.


How do I participate?

Easy. Book a personalized 45 minute intake call here. We’ll spend some time with you to learn about you, your business, and your goals. If a Builder Nuggets Assessment seems like the right next step we’ll book your sessions. If not, we’ll recommend some external resources for you to consider.


How long does the assessment take? 

Our team commits to getting it completed in 6 weeks (but we can’t do that without your dedication to the process).  We do this in a series of two hour sessions. How many sessions depends on the complexity of your business. We’ll lay out a proposed plan for you after your intake call. 


How much does it cost?

That depends on where your business is now and what kind of plan you need moving forward. We break it down for you after the initial intake call.


What happens after the assessment?

The full assessment includes an action plan. We map out your options and connect you with the right experts, tools, systems, or resources to implement your plan. It’s completely up to you who you use (or don’t). There’s no obligation to continue with anyone or any service we recommend.

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