June 8, 2021

EP 23: It's Complicated

EP 23: It's Complicated

What are the similarities between running a design firm and running a construction company Well, it’s complicated.

Our guest on this week's episode is Jes Sanders from Studio S. After spending his early days as a residential framer he went on to study architecture and eventually open his own design firm a little over 5 years ago. In a recent conversation we challenge each other to answer the following question. What are the similarities between running a design firm and running a construction company? Our answer. Well, it’s complicated.

Show highlights include:

  • How good design adds equity to a project (and how to leverage this phenomenon when you’re building homes) (5:52) 
  • It’s hard to overstate the value of having a good builder on your team (9:53)
  • Why creating a better overall experience prevents you from falling into the commodity mindset trap (10:37) 
  • The “3 Leg Stool System” that helps you set expectations and avoid going over budget (12:54) 
  • How to get architects and designers to send in 50% (or more) of your construction clients (16:16) 
  • Why throwing architects, designers, or other builders under the bus is simply bad business (and how being an advocate for other parties gets you more high-quality referrals) (18:30)
  • Grab coffee, have a beer, get to know and understand each other. That’s how to build a strong builder/designer relationship. (34:13)
  • When architects or designers recommend a builder they are putting their reputation on the line (38:11)

If you’d like to learn more about Jes and his architecture business, head over to his website at http://www.studios-pllc.com/

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