Builder Nuggets

Builder Nuggets

Experience the life changing breakthroughs that builders and remodelers across North America are using to create the most rewarding businesses in the industry.

We work with award winning builders, remodelers, business coaches, industry experts, and fellow podcasters that share a desire to elevate their game. We do this by focusing on collaboration over competition.

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Recent Episodes

March 21, 2023

Ep 116: Keeping it Raw

This podcast has grown exponentially in the last two years, not just in viewership but in the amount of wisdom that’s been shared. The knowledge and transparency from our guests gives listeners the tools they need to command their own stories....

March 14, 2023

Ep 115: On the Rise

What tools, systems, and processes does your business have in place to create a stress-free experience for your clients? What marketing strategy are you using to get those clients through the door? Our guest today is Kyle Hunt, owner of Remodelers on...

March 07, 2023

Ep 114: Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

Your marketing strategy and your marketing tactics can gain your business different things. A strategy is taking stock of where you are and where you want to go, then taking the steps to bridge the two. Tactics flow within a framework. Maybe you have...

February 28, 2023

Ep 113: The Good Story

Growing up in a family that was part of the industry taught our guest today many valuable lessons before she decided to follow the same path. Now a successful custom home builder, Julie DuPree is here to share her journey. From hanging out with her...

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About the Hosts

Duane JohnsProfile Photo

Duane Johns

Builder | Remodeler | Coach | Consultant

Duane entered the construction industry over 30 years ago working on oceanfront estates in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York. From laborer to craftsman to business owner he was always honing his skills and immersed himself in all aspects of high end custom construction. In 1996 he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and started a general contracting business with Roger Ketchum and the two achieved success right away, winning industry awards and earning rave reviews from clients, designers, and trade partners. That relationship continues to this day.

Duane has always been dedicated to elevating professionalism in the construction industry. He has now shifted his focus from the day to day aspects of building and remodeling award winning homes to building more rewarding and more valuable businesses. He believes the key ingredients to success are continuous learning, strategic planning, collaboration with like minded peers and the elimination of egos. "If you fail to do these things the industry will reduce you to a commodity and leave you alone on an island!"

Kolbe: 7•4•6•3

• Builder & Remodeler (Licensed in NC & SC)
• Co-owner of JK Design Build dba Alair Homes
• Regional Developer for Alair Homes
• NAHB Custom Homebuilders Committee
• NAHB Remodelers Council Board of Trustees
• HBA of Greater Charlotte - Builder Board Member
• Member of the Kohler/Sterling Pro Council
• HBA of Lake Norman - Board Member 2002 - 2014
• LKN Remodelers Council - Chairperson 2008 - 2012
• NARI/Charlotte - Board Member 1999 - 2012
• Member of Vistage Worldwide 2014 - 2017

When he is not talking shop you will most likely find him outdoors. He and his family love to travel, hike, explore, and discover new places and new things. "Enjoy life by living in the moment and try not to take yourself too seriously."

Be sure to listen to Episode 01 to learn more about Duane and the story behind Builder Nuggets.

Dave YoungProfile Photo

Dave Young

Connector | Coach | Consultant

Dave grew up in a small town on Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada but always had big ideas and dreams. As a teenager he became fascinated with Real Estate and bought his first apartment building at age 25. While developing a real estate portfolio Dave launched a real estate technology company to help shift the organized real estate community. A chance phone call in 2013 led to Dave becoming a Regional Partner with upstart custom home building network, Alair Homes. Today he's the regional partner and business coach in 5 different Alair Homes regions covering North Carolina, South Carolina, Manitoba, and Eastern Ontario. In 2021, Dave and co-host Duane Johns, launched The Builder Nuggets Podcast. Each week they bring together thought leaders to help contractors everywhere build more rewarding businesses.

Dave has been married to Terrilynne for 17 years. They have three teenage daughters and live in Newmarket, ON, Canada. The family enjoys spending summers in Muskoka and escaping to the Exumas, Bahamas in the winter. Dave loves playing hockey, skiing, boating, going on spontaneous adventures, and 'thinking about thinking'.

Kolbe: 4•3•10•2

Other stuff:

Cliffton Strengths - Strategic, Ideation, Futuristic, Positivity, Input. (Great with ideas - horrible with implementation!)
Part of Strategic Coach 10x
Big believer in personal development and surrounding yourself with inspired experts.

Favourite books:
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Godfather
Who Not How

Be sure to listen to Episode 01 to learn more about Dave and the story behind Builder Nuggets.

Duane and Dave

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