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This podcast provides excellent insight from powerful voices in an industry that seldom has a proper platform. Successful individuals in the construction industry are typically very special folks that have many valuable nuggets to share. In many cases, these nuggets are universally applicable. …

Great for anyone in the construction industry

This podcast fills the gap of what is missing in the industry and bringing just what it says “nuggets” together for all to share. Highly recommend.

Highly Recommend you Listen

I listen to quite a few podcasts, and have been looking for one that blends entrepreneurship and the construction industry. Love the idea that this community has the potential to truly transform the Construction Industry - to the betterment of all of our businesses

Must give it a listen!

Dave and Duane are excellent at what they do and you can hear it in this show! I stay engaged throughout every minute of an episode.

Great Podcast for Builders w/ Business Minds!

Duane John’s and Dave Young are two very smart, very skilled people, and I look forward to picking up some nuggets along the way as we hear more from them and industry experts.

Top notch

Duane and Dave are two smart, top notch building professionals. I look forward to more nuggets!