Builder Nuggets

Valuable and Spot On

Great pod, and I’m not a builder or remodeler but continue to find incredible wisdom nuggets for business, property, and life. Met Dave at a Mastermind and was impressed enough to track down his work, and you know how impressed you need to be to do that these days. Love this pod and understanding more about the contractors I get to work with and the important business of scaling across industries. Thanks for this valuable resource

Must-Listen for Remodelers!

This show is a must-listen for remodelers! Dave and Duane pack each episode full of actionable tips, advice, and top tier guests. Highly recommend!

Custom Builder Review

I am an avid listener of podcasts and many on construction, business management, and mental health. Duane and Dave continue to do a great job with providing excellent content, great guests, and adding value to my business and my team through their work. I keep coming back to the Builder Nuggets podcast each week to gather some more nuggets to help us drive an edge. - Adam Copenhaver CopeGrand Charleston, SC

Great insight into industry

I have listened to dozens of these BuilderNugget podcasts now and I have to say the consistency of the guests and the quality of the interviews is impeccable. Dave and Duane always manage to get the deeper, more profound insights out of the guests than you would expect from a normal interview. This makes the experience more valuable for everyone involved and I always take away some learning or insight that I have not thought of before. After being in industry for over 20 years this still never ceases to surprise me! I have implemented several of the insights and I have seen immediate benefits for my team and clients. Collaboration over competition wins again! Thanks to BuilderNuggets for putting such honesty out there for us to share in.

A must-listen podcast in the construction industry!

As guests of Dave & Duane, we got to experience firsthand how insightful and informative this podcast really is. This was a great conversation and it was an even better experience. If you’re in the construction industry, this podcast is a must listen to better your work and business!

Love the Nuggets

I learn something from every single podcast. Even the guests that I have little to nothing in common with have some great insight that helps me re-think some perspective. Duane and Dave do an amazing job of extracting information and driving the conversation in a way that keeps you engaged while also making practical application evident.

Great Conversation

When I was asked to be a guest on the Builder Nuggets Podcast, I immediately said yes. Duane and Dave have done such a great job of getting valuable information to their audience. I was honoured to be a part of that. I make a point of listening to every episode as I walk away with a nugget of wisdom every single time. Thank you Duane and Dave. You are doing an exceptional job.

Builder Nuggets Builds Mountains

One of the more insightful and provocative interview programs focused on helping its listeners build upon the loads of information, tips and techniques to build one’s business. It’s more than just nuggets…it’s pure gold!

Relatable and Informative

These guys are awesome. Their content is always spot on, relateable, and informative. The questions are extremely well worded and they are fun to listen and talk to!

Wonderful People and Great Opportunity!

We truly enjoyed being guests on the Builder Nuggets podcast. We have had so many people reach out to tell us they heard about us from the show. Duane and Dave and easy to talk to and made it a great experience.

Brilliant, Thoughtful and full of good insight.

Dave and Duane are so genuine, and truly passionate about sharing knowledge through experiences. Their understanding of construction and business, is absolutely Jedi-level. Every episode has true nuggets that make you shake your head and think, "Wow, I never thought of that." or "Holy crap, that is so spot on, I can use that nugget right now!" Thank you Duane! Thank you Dave!

2022 Industry Insights

Duane and Dave did a great job of digging into the data that the Association of Professional Builders compiled in 2021 and highlighting the big learns for builders. I really enjoyed the conversation and can see why Builder Nuggets is such a popular podcast. Highly recommended to every owner of a residential construction company.

Great Wisdom

Love the wisdom shared on this podcast. The dynamic between the hosts and the guests is fun and informative! Worth making the time for.

Are we Builders or Business Owners?

I've listened to every episode since Builder Nuggets launched and always come away with better insight into our industry and what it takes to succeed. When Duane asked me to be a guest I jumped at the opportunity. Duane and Dave are very adept at asking impactful questions that unlock actionable ideas, concepts and mindsets critical to building a successful contracting business. It is imperative for custom builders to stop viewing themselves as primarily custom builders. We are primarily business owners who deliver custom homes and/or remodeling projects. That new paradigm creates a laser focus on developing world class business skills and best practices that accelerates our ability to generate the resources (profits) needed to deliver world class client experiences while delivering impactful, high quality projects. Builder Nuggets is a constant font of these types of insight and guidance. It should be on every builder's resource list.

Amazing Content!

Duane and Dave do such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!

Forward Thinking!

This is a growth mindset podcast. If you're in the construction industry and want to move your business forward, the content on this show is a blueprint towards success. Not to mention Dave and Duane are both down-to-earth guys who have some pretty sweet side hustles and hobbies. Learning in this format is entertaining and engaging. A+ guys.

Thank you, Builder Nuggets

When Duane and Dave asked me to be a guest on the show, I jumped at the chance. The home building industry needs more training and information like what Builder Nuggets is providing. I am a fan and have subscribed so I never miss an episode.

Changing the Industry

Dave and Duane's show is spreading the word and changing the industry. In a business where the behind the scenes is chronically hidden and kept hush hush to not only the client but fellow builders, this show is breaking those barriers. Dave and Duane are proving through their guests that there are ways out there to run a successful, attractive and thriving businesses while living a balanced life. I recommend this show to all of my trades knowing that I'm not giving away secrets, but helping make my trades run their businesses better, which of course is better for my business and my clients. We truly can all grow together. I am always presented with new nuggets every week from their show, that I can ponder and then implement in my business.

Enlightening conversations

Builder Nuggets provdes a ton of value in a causual, conversational show. There is great specific information for the building industry. But there is a great deal of business knowledge shared for entrepeneurs in genreal. Fin and informative!

Polished and curated, thoughtful content

Love this podcast. Engaging and focused conversation on all sorts of business development and personal interest content. Great for anyone building a business in the construction industry. I’ve heard lots of chatty, meandering construction podcasts and this one is an exception to that trend. New guests every episode, thoughtful interviews, well-edited to cut out the extra stuff and stay on topic.

Started thinking differently about my business

When I started listening to Dave, I started to think about my business in a much more fluid way, and working on (and fixing) things I thought previously impossible. Definitely give this a listen.

Practical and Transformational for Entrepreneurial Leaders

This is an amazing series of conversations that will transform your perspective on business.


This podcast provides excellent insight from powerful voices in an industry that seldom has a proper platform. Successful individuals in the construction industry are typically very special folks that have many valuable nuggets to share. In many cases, these nuggets are universally applicable. I highly recommend tuning in.

Great for anyone in the construction industry

This podcast fills the gap of what is missing in the industry and bringing just what it says “nuggets” together for all to share. Highly recommend.

Highly Recommend you Listen

I listen to quite a few podcasts, and have been looking for one that blends entrepreneurship and the construction industry. Love the idea that this community has the potential to truly transform the Construction Industry - to the betterment of all of our businesses

Must give it a listen!

Dave and Duane are excellent at what they do and you can hear it in this show! I stay engaged throughout every minute of an episode.

Great Podcast for Builders w/ Business Minds!

Duane John’s and Dave Young are two very smart, very skilled people, and I look forward to picking up some nuggets along the way as we hear more from them and industry experts.

Top notch

Duane and Dave are two smart, top notch building professionals. I look forward to more nuggets!