Feb. 23, 2021

Free Estimate = No Value

Free Estimate = No Value

Think about the term FREE ESTIMATE. It’s exactly what it says. I gave up on offering free estimates many years ago. In my opinion they simply bring very little value to the table when talking with new clients. Of course the industry will urge everyone to run out and get three or more. Why? Because that’s the way it’s always been done.

There was a time when we built homes without insulation. In an effort to make buildings more comfortable and energy efficient the industry changed. There have been countless changes to the building industry over the years but for some reason the free estimate concept still remains intact.

The free estimate, or ballpark number, has become an expectation. Someone wants to build or renovate their home and their first reaction is to seek 3 or more free estimates. It’s not their fault, the industry has conditioned them to ask for this. It is up to us as professional builders and remodelers to change this way of thinking by offering more value for our clients.

For those of you who continue to offer free estimates I challenge you to think differently. What types of services could you provide your clients, prior to construction, that would provide value for all parties involved? By providing professional preconstruction services your projects will run better with less risk and you will enjoy happier clients. Make some change in your business and escape the free estimate treadmill.

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