March 23, 2021

EP 12: The Ultimate Business Model

EP 12: The Ultimate Business Model

From small custom builder to the world’s largest custom building entity, Blair McDaniel shares the vision behind the builder’s ultimate business model.

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Most construction businesses never expand outside of their own market and community. While this strategy may provide you a decent living it limits your ability to scale dramatically.

In this episode, Blair McDaniel, owner of Alair Homes, joins us to reveal how you can scale your business so it makes money without you being the one wearing all of the hats.

He’s created the Ultimate Business Model. A model that creates the most valuable, lowest risk, most rewarding custom home building and remodeling businesses in the world.   

Show highlights include:

  • How transparency allows you to charge what your worth and remove uncertainty from your projects (8:44) 
  • Why the “build and they’ll come” business model can quickly bankrupt your business (even if it’s been successful so far) (10:46) 
  • Controlled growth builds a stronger long-term business than growing it as fast as you can (11:35) 
  • The “Mastermind Concept” that multiplies your business’s growth at warp speed (18:53) 
  • How to take an entire year off business without your business crashing and burning (19:48) 
  • The “Must Haves” that help you effortlessly scale your business into other markets (45:45) 

If you’d like to learn more about how Blair and the Ultimate Business Model can help your business scale, be sure to visit the Discover Alair website.

Connect directly with Duane and Dave to ask a question, post a comment, share an idea or to schedule a confidential discussion about your business by visiting our contact page.