Sept. 14, 2021

EP 37: Profit Series (Lean and Mean)

EP 37: Profit Series (Lean and Mean)

How do you increase profit while reducing risk? Run your business Lean and Mean. Part Two of our Profit Series looks at boosting your bottom line as we share how to scale without bulking up your overhead.

Show highlights include:

  • How your Shiny Object Syndrome transforms your business into a profit-eating monster (1:20) 
  • 4 core principles of building a lean and mean business that can scale up or down with ease (2:30) 
  • The “Not a Bank” business model that keeps your company lean and mean (even as you scale) (2:41)
  • The dirt-simple car analogy that makes potential clients want to give you their money before you start building instead of making you foot the bill (4:00) 
  • Why bringing marketing talent in-house can be less effective and more gut-wrenching than outsourcing (12:57) 
  • How building your construction business like a doctor’s office maximizes your profitability and minimizes your headaches (14:26) 
  • The “Who, Not How” mindset that unlocks true freedom in your business (20:42)
  • Don’t invest in what you don’t need (26:10)
  • Why creating a lean and mean company puts your exit plan on “easy mode” (29:32) 

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