Oct. 26, 2021

EP 43: Preparing for Exit

EP 43: Preparing for Exit

In this episode we talk with an industry icon and expert strategic planner David Lupberger. You don’t just walk away from your business...or at least you shouldn’t. You need to prepare well in advance for a successful exit.

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You don’t just walk away from your business...or at least you shouldn’t. You need to have a solid foundation in place so that the right people can step in and lead to your successful exit.

Show highlights include:

  • The psychologist’s secret for contractors that revolutionizes your business and adds zero’s to your bank account balance (3:03) 
  • The single most important question you must answer or you’ll never get a fat paycheck when you sell your business (5:31) 
  • Why 97% of construction companies have no chance at selling their business (and how to be in the 3% who do) (7:30) 
  • The “End in Mind” strategy that separates the most successful companies from the mediocre ones (9:26) 
  • How a basic math equation almost instantly frees you from doing mundane tasks in your business while generating an extra $250-500k in revenue (14:41) 
  • The “Blueprint Approach” for creating position descriptions for your company in 25 minutes or less (18:41) 

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