March 15, 2022

EP 63: Embracing Technology

EP 63: Embracing Technology

Time is money. Paul Kowalski explains why you should embrace technology to improve your business and elevate our industry.

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Embracing technology to improve your business and elevate our industry.

Show highlights include:

  • How making a two-day time investment in your construction software can add an extra month to your year (8:47) 
  • Why demanding that your team use a new software smashes their productivity (even if your new software increases productivity) (12:13) 
  • The “Slow Down to Speed Up” secret for implementing time-saving software when you don’t have time (13:36) 
  • Why simply purchasing more software and technology may actually hurt your team and bottom line (21:24) 
  • The little-known leadership role which raises your company’s professionalism in your client’s eyes overnight (25:56) 
  • Constantly raising your prices because of inflation is not the answer. You have to increase efficiencies in your business along with raising prices to stay competitive and profitable. (30:29) 

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