March 30, 2021

Busy DOES NOT Equal Success

Busy DOES NOT Equal Success

I was talking with a very successful builder recently and we were discussing the ways we all measure the success of our businesses. Ask most builders and remodelers how things are going and the response is usually "Busy". You'll hear things like "Things are great, I'm very busy.", "I've never been so busy", "It's tough to keep up."

Now don't get me wrong I'm busy myself and very happy that our industry is faring so well during these unusual times. However what we should be thinking about is not how busy we are but how much our personal and professional lives are being improved. It's easy to become an order taker and over commit when your services are in high demand.

We need to stay focused on our longer term goals and not just our workload or pipeline. We should be measuring things like profitability, customer satisfaction, company culture and our mental health. We need to make sure we are keeping ourselves physically, mentally and financially fit. 

Think about the things that matter most to you and those around you and ask yourself if you are dedicating enough time for that. If you are not, there is a good chance you have let things get too busy.

I have the pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest construction industry professionals in North America. We focus on personal growth, optimization, scalability and eventual exit strategies. Whether you are looking to grow your existing operations, add new locations, or sell your business I can help you achieve it.