March 22, 2022

Do You Really Own Your Business?

Do You Really Own Your Business?

A common struggle I find among many builders and remodelers is that they still have a technician mindset. The entrepreneur is battling the craftsman. The question you must challenge yourself with is this:Do I own my business or simply own a job?

You own a business if:

  • Your business not only runs, it thrives, with or without you
  • It’s easy to take time off and not feel stressed out
  • You have the freedom to do the things you want in life

You own a job if:

  • Your business simply can’t run without you
  • Thinking about taking time off stresses you out
  • You are consumed by the business and have little or no time for anything else

Most of us were technicians or craftsman at some point. We worked in the field, we wore all of the hats, and at some point found ourselves owning our own business. It’s hard to let go of the romantic side of being a builder and embrace the fact that we need to be business owners.

One of the best ways to make this transition is to surround yourself with other successful business owners. You can do this through industry peer groups, entrepreneur groups and business networking events. The funny thing is, no matter the industry, the underlying struggles of owning your own business are the same.

The information you will learn by surrounding yourself with other successful business owners is invaluable. Interacting and sharing with others, in an intimate group, is where the power lies. If you are not currently a part of a group like this I encourage you to join one. It may just be the thing that sets you free from your business.