Builder Nuggets

October 04, 2022

EP 92: Putting Yourself Out There

Susan & Paul Kadilak are a power couple that place their emphasis on authenticity and creative solutions. Their ability to market their businesses with transparency and personality has given them a growing following on social media which has led to some amazing opportunities.

September 27, 2022

EP 91: The Flying V

Warren Barry is an award-winning pioneer in the field of human resources who studies the implications of counterintuitive work environments on individuals and organizations. Warren brings insights to employees, employers, and human resource professionals alike which leads to harmony, productivity, and profitability.

September 20, 2022

EP 90: Growth Through Diversity

Casting a wider net while focusing on a diverse culture can be a catalyst to grow a company. Buchanan Construction has achieved success over the last decade by combining the knowledge of their team to provide a broad range of services for their clients.

September 13, 2022

EP 89: Winners Find a Way

Trent Clark is no stranger to winning. He has three WORLD SERIES rings as a coach. He is the Founder of and Courage Coach LLC and is dedicated to empowering people to reach their goals.

September 06, 2022

EP 88: Robbing Peter

The residential construction industry is on the back side of the current business cycle. With a tightening market and softening demand you need to ensure you will have enough cash to cover jobs without relying on a Line Of Credit.

August 30, 2022

EP 87: Speak Easy and Thrive

Conversations have the power to inspire, engage-and even entertain. From late night talk show hosts to award-winning podcasters, great conversationalists can move an audience to laughter or tears, action or stillness.

August 23, 2022

EP 86: Earning Your Stripes

This fourth generation builder has done things the right way for a long time. That’s not to say they haven't made mistakes. Through trial and error they have become one of the most sought after and respected builders in their market.

August 16, 2022

EP 85: Ask More Questions

Brad Leavitt is our guest on this episode. He is President and Founder of “A Finer Touch Construction” - a Scottsdale based luxury residential and commercial builder.

August 09, 2022

EP 84: She Built This City

She Built This City’s mission is to provide industry disruptive programming that sparks interest and builds pathways to lucrative careers in the skilled trades for youth, women and marginalized communities.

August 02, 2022

EP 83: What Is She Doing Now?

As a small business owner/builder there are always new challenges to face and overcome. Jennifer Hoffman shares with us her journey and growth over the last two years.

July 26, 2022

EP 82: The Great Game of Business

Over the last 4 decades, The Great Game of Business has built a community of businesses that are committed to a better life for themselves and for their employees. Any organization whose performance can be measured with financial statements can play The Great Game of Business.

July 19, 2022

EP 81: Figuring Things Out

Having a solid set of core values and strong relationships with your clients and trades will pave the way for success in your business.

July 12, 2022

EP 80: Master Builder Architect

New England Design & Construction Founder and CEO discusses what it really means to be an Architect in today's world, and how we can change history to build a brighter future for the industry.

July 05, 2022

EP 79: Scrum

John Jardine explains how a visual system for project management ensures everybody knows where a project stands and what needs to be done. Stop putting out fires every day.

June 28, 2022

EP 78: The Roaring 20's (Revisited)

When it comes to the economy you need to block out the noise and don’t be swayed by over-hyped headlines. Make your decisions based on data. Economic forecasting, using leading indicators, will better position your business to thrive.

June 21, 2022

EP 77: The Emotional Homeowner

Homeowners go through an emotional roller coaster while their home is being built or renovated.  It’s easy to see why.  Their normal lives get turned upside down from the chaos of construction  When things go sideways, clients want to...

June 14, 2022

EP 76: A Stolen Opportunity

As builders, we pride ourselves on doing good work for our community. We build the places that raise families, foster small businesses and enrich the lives of those around us. That’s why we invest in equipment that gets the job done right.

June 07, 2022

EP 75: Go for Stupid

Our guest on this episode started out as a bricklayer from London, England. Learn how he developed a mindset, habits, systems, and relationships that have got him into some of the world’s most exclusive circles.

May 31, 2022

EP 74: Why I Go to The Builders Show

In this episode we talk with friend and colleague Brandon Bryant with Red Tree Builders in Asheville, North Carolina. We discuss why events like the International Builders Show are so valuable, mental health, and a few other topics.

May 24, 2022

EP 73: The Paradox of Uncertainty

When you know everything, nobody can help you. When you have the confidence to share your challenges you invite heroes to help you solve them. Shannon Waller shares the subtleties of how to use uncertainty to attract others to your mission.

May 17, 2022

EP 72: Getting Out Of The Way

Tye Alroe believes that building a Dream Home is a culmination of years of visualizing, idea sharing, & hard's something very special and he treats it that way. We think he believes the same about building a dream business.

May 10, 2022

EP 71: Deep Wealth

Guest Jeffrey Feldberg discusses how to increase the value of your business by preparing it for a liquidity event.

May 03, 2022

EP 70: Ready, Set, Grow

A business developer shares how she took a top Salt Lake City Custom Home Builder to new levels by practicing, understanding her team’s value, and telling the right stories.

April 26, 2022

EP 69: The New Reality

We are in a new reality. We’re not going back to what used to be considered NORMAL. In this episode I talk with Business Coach and friend Scott Beebe from My Business on Purpose.