Builder Nuggets

February 09, 2021

EP 06: It Takes a Village with Whitney Brown

There are always excuses for not getting involved in your community. Time, money, effort. Builders also don’t want to be seen as greedy, just in it to make a buck. But your community needs you. You can share your skills and talents in a way that...

February 02, 2021

EP 05: From Risk to Reward with Matt Risinger

A construction business involves risk. Building on speculation, working with the wrong clients, and other traps that builders may fall into. Making the wrong decision can send you spiraling into debt, lead to fatigue, or put you out of business. In this episode, building industry thought leader Matt Risinger discusses how to find the right clients, the importance of collaboration and how to avoid debt so your business can thrive...

January 26, 2021

EP 04: Life Plan with Steve Barkhouse

Life goes by faster than you expect it to. If you don’t live intentionally, you’ll regret all the things you missed out on. In this episode, award-winning remodeler Steve Barkhouse joins us and we discuss how your eulogy may be the key to the life of your dreams, the importance of company culture, and how to ensure you meet all your goals in life and business.

January 19, 2021

EP 03: Highest and Best Use

You started your business because you’re the best at what you do. Even if you have a team, you’re probably still the best at most tasks in that business. But if you spend time doing things that don’t directly grow your business, you’re wasting precious time and worse...

January 12, 2021

EP 02: You Can't Scale Chaos with Scott Beebe

Many builders and remodelers start their own company because they’re good at what they do. It makes perfect sense… until you realize everything involved in running a business. In this episode, author and business coach Scott Beebe discusses the importance of vision and a roadmap, the things that are holding your business back, and a bulletproof hiring process for bringing on rockstar employees...

January 04, 2021

EP 01: Under Construction

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely and difficult journey. But it doesn't have to be! In this premiere episode of the Builder Nuggets podcast, hosts Duane Johns and Dave Young tell the story behind the podcast and discuss the importance of creating a business that thrives using less of your time...